Calgary Stampede: It's my day off... kinda sorta...

So our dresscode is pretty intense. I mean, by regular corporate standards. We have to wear full out cowboy gear: boots (above), belt, jeans, shirt (Wrangler, preferably), and of course, the hat.

My feet hurt like a mofo. It probably doesn't help that I've been living in my cowboy boots since last week. I literally have to pull my boots off as they don't come off very easily. During that time of pulling, there is intense grunting and screaming. Let me tell you, it's hot. Getting out of bed in the morning is probably one of the most difficult times of the day. I have to literally fall out of bed and on-to my feet. I can feel the dogs barkin' for sure.

So hurtin'. I had a good discussion with myself today. It went like this, "self, why haven't you had a pancake breakfast yet?" "I don't know... I could really go for a plate of them though". "Do you have anything to make pancakes out of?" "Negatory. Nothing in the cupboards... fruit flies in the banana dish though... will that do anything?" "Is dad working? He could make some stellar flapjacks." "Yiah... no go". "Sigh...." Eventually some pancakes are bound to show up.

And props go out again to the makers of moleskin. Thank you. Thank you very much.

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