Stampede Log: Good morning my little chickadees!

Why am I so happy when my clock clearly indicates the time being 4:19 a.m.? Because my friends - I had a solid 3 hours of sleep. I'm riled up and ready to go. An early morning breakfast for a few of thousand of our friends is ready to go (hopefully...) and I am on my way to the grounds.

As Starbucks isn't open, I would be thrilled with someone bringing me my coffee beverage. Yah or I'll just stand in line at the uber cheap Weadickville slurpee machine and hope for that to keep me going today. I'll be Stampeding it up until 9 p.m. tonite... jealous anyone?

Things to do today (in general, not necessarily just me):


  • Thank the makers of 'moleskin' for creating such a delightful product for my poor feet.

Now if someone can explain to my why at 4:27 a.m. people are still yelling 'Ya-Hoo!' on 17th, that would be fantastic.

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