The Calgary Stampede. Day 2. 9 days to go.

Just when I thought I couldn't walk anymore, I kept going. And just when I thought my face couldn't take anymore dirt and shale being blown in my face, I get caught in a wind storm. Ahhh the glamorous life.

Notes from my second day working Stampede:
  • The Calgary Stampede makes the best pretzel buns. If you host an event at our lovely venue - ensure your menu has the pretzel buns on it. De.Lic.Ious.
  • Just because you are wearing a cowboy hat, doesn't mean you're a cowboy.
  • Words to explain which parts of you are sweating: swass (sweaty ass cheeks), swoobs (under boob area), swack (beads of sweat trickling down your back) and swajayjay (yes, even you're down-there-area sweats).
  • If someone asks you to go and put up a pop tent, say no problem but know that nothing about a 'pop tent' is simple. It is hella heavy and awkward and mean. Yes, the tent is mean.
  • Was standing on the Paddock Balcony checkin' out the scene when I noticed some bull riding on the TVs. I asked, 'is this here?' and the girls replied 'uh, yah, duh'. Oh - who knew? As we were walking down the grandstand I noticed some cowboys being bucked off a rather large and mean looking bull. I asked, 'is this the rodeo?' and then girls stopped in their tracks, turned around and laughed at me. Maybe I should have taken the Stampede up on those cheap rodeo tickets they were offering and got a little more familiar with this rodeo event. I'm such a tool.
  • Nothing about Pizza-on-a-Stick sounds appealing. But neither does a Deep-Fried-Oreo or Twinkie. The one thing I haven't quite figured out is the brand new "Beef-Sundae" which is being touted as the newest culinary delight, consists of beef, potatoes, gravy, cheese and a cherry tomato on top. Intrigued?

And with that, I'm off to bed. 4 a.m. will come wayyyy too early tomorrow morning.

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