My new boyfriend...

My wonderful friends Layne and Jessica welcomed William Logan into the world early Sunday morning. He is so wonderful that the first time I saw his picture, I broke into tears.

Congrats you two - he is the best thing in the world.


Have you tried this?

Twisted Tea. Um. Totally yummy.


Grow your own food.

So I'm chillin' in the bar in Whitefish, minding my own business, drinking my Malibu and pineapple and eating my chicken fingers and fries when a guy says to me, "so, you have your own garden? what do you grow?" Um. Excuse me?

Those who know me know I'm a lover of the organic, whole grain, wild food. I have been for a while. While I can't always afford to be a full-out practicer of it, I like to support it. One of the reasons I purchased this tshirt...

Now, I did it because I honestly needed some more tshirts and well... the message is kinda cool. Well. Didn't think someone would actually question whether or not I was actually a gardener...

Riding 'bitch' from here to there and back again.

The man and I took a trip on the motorcycle down to Whitefish, Montana. It wasn't all awesome... my bum became number than numb while traveling the Going to the Sun Highway, I thought I couldn't sit any longer, I couldn't chew anymore bugs, couldn't take any more rocks and couldn't handle the sound of the bike anymore. But I did... and it wasn't all bad. The fresh air was nice, the scenery was gorgeous and the reassurance from my boyfriend by squeezing my leg was definitely worth it.


If you haven't seen this gem...

... you should do yourself a favour and watch it.

I cried numerous times, laughed more times, sang along to the songs and sat in awe of the scenery. Who knew Canada was so gosh darn pretty?


My new fun find.

How much fun are these cake toppers? Seriously!? I found them on Bakerella's Blog... but you can buy them at Etsy at the Lollipop Workshop. I like the little bride and groom...


Sole-comfort, part deux.

As my good friends and family know, these flip-flops have been a bit of an eyesore for many many years now. I purchased them in Kimberley back when I was living down there and I have had them and worn them every summer since. As I wrote last year about them, there was something about them I just couldn't let go of. Whether it was they perfect way they conformed to my feet, the story behind purchasing them or the fact that if I actually put them out of their misery and threw them out, a part of my life would also be thrown out with them.

Well. More people have started chirping up about them lately and I finally decided to take the plunge and purchase a new pair of sandals. They are a far cry from the $17 flip flops that have lasted me the last 8 years but at least I know these new ones will carry me threw at least the next 8 years.


Keeping it earthy, elegant and magical. Just have to make sure he agrees...

As of right now, I have decided that I would like a midsummer night's dream themed wedding. Paige, over at Bash Eco Events put together a stunning array of items to compliment this fantasy and ethereal theme.

And no, I'm not engaged but planning for your wedding is like planning your retirement so really - no better time than now to start thinking!

People are random.

This website just solidifies it.

Avoid This Job.


And then I found the delicousness that is wine.

The first time I ever got drunk off wine it was a nasty, horrible and very regrettable experience. We had purchased 2 bottles of Mission Hill Merlot, sat on the couch watching a movie and ate air-popped popcorn. The wine was the most delicious thing that had ever touched my lips. I was instantly head over heels in love... with a $9 bottle of wine. This couldn't have got any better.

Oh but it did. The wine went down real smooth... a little too smooth in fact. Actually, so smooth we devoured both bottles in less than 1 hour. Do you know what a bottle of wine does to your relatively empty stomach in less than an hour? Oh I do. It was an evening of sleeping on the cold bathroom floor, hugging the cold cold porcelain.
Needless to say, I didn't have much of a taste for wine after that. And especially not much of a taste for Mission Hill or Merlot.

It took a good year or two before I dabbled in the wine again and since then, I've been delighted with the numerous wines I have found.

This past long weekend was a fantastic time for us to dabble in even more wine that we are growing to love more and more with every glass.

We had a plan to go to Kelowna and check out some vineyards but didn't know which ones to go to. I had really wanted to go to See Ya Later Ranch (as it's my fave fave FAVE as of late) but it was in Okanagan Falls which is a solid hour and a bit from Kelowna. And after being in the car for over two and a half hours already en route from Revelstoke, I didn't think it would be a great idea. So the posse went to Mission Hill instead... cute.

We had a tasting and looked for a seat on their patio restaurant but were told "all the food is spoken for... you will need to find somewhere else..." Okkkk. So then they suggested See Ya Later Ranch. Susie, oh sweet dear Susie, suggested this in fact. After asking how long of a drive it was, she said "oh only 35 minutes from here". 35 minutes? Fuckin' eh. And before we knew it - we were in the car and looking forward to being at our destination in 35 minutes. Well... 35 minutes turned to 45 minutes, 45 minutes turned to an hour... and an hour turned to an hour and 20 minutes when we finally saw the sign. Oh the sweet sweet sign.

We parked the car and bolted inside to the air conditioned tasting lounge. I was so excited to be there, I can't even begin to explain this to you. This is my new fave wine over the past year. (Side note... Ping retails for $42 in Alberta liquor stores, $27 in BC liquor stores and $30 at See Ya Later Ranch).

After a delicious tasting of their whites and both reds (Ping and Rover - both names of the Ranch's dogs who have passed on) we were out to finally have some food. Ok, so it was only cheese and grilled vegetables, but it was at See Ya Later Ranch and I couldn't be happier.

And I was with my man so it was of course, a perfect day.


I would like you to pay attention to the planned temperature on Sunday...

Weather Forecast: Revelstoke, British Columbia - The Weather Network

Thank God for hot vacations.

Lesson learned.

When I was moving out of the apartment I thought I needed to do an extreme purge of things I don't use or things I haven't used in quite some time. Such as, purses.

Now, being a girl I should have automatically known better than to get rid of my purses because right now I only have one, whereas before I had about 6. Stupid Megan...

I ended up selling my 4 Matt & Nat purses on Kijiji for the low low price of roughly $30 each. I thought it was great that I was getting rid of them - more room for something else in my closet...

Well shit. I went into one of the accessory stores in Southcentre mall last week and come across a wall of bags that looked awfully familiar. After picking one up, the sales girl came over and asked me if I had heard of the new Samsara line:

Me: "Not at all... they look very Matt & Natish though"

Salesgirl: "In fact, Matt and Nat have started a new line called Samsara which will be the same price range as the old Matt & Nat purses were. They have moved the Matt & Nat line to a more higher-end label now, retailing for about $350 and up".

Me: "...... I just got rid of all my purses for like, $30 each. Are you kidding me?"

Salesgirl: "Ooooh..."

And just like that, I left - absolutely pissed off that I got rid of my purses. Seriously, how would I have known? I guess I should have just not been so stupid as to getting rid of my purses.