The Calgary Stampede. Day 1.

The passes are being taken, the beef on a bun is being served, the rides are in full throttle and my tents are set. It is officially the Calgary Stampede. Giddy. Up.

Notes from my first day working Stampede:

  • My feet kill. Cowboy boots are not the best shoes to walk in. In fact, they may be the worst shoes to walk in. I soaked my feet tonite and whispered sweet nothings to them; secretly I think they're plotting to kill me over the next couple days. I'm sorry little feet - it wasn't my idea to implement the dresscode of strictly cowboy boots.
  • MMmmmm midway concessions. If it wasn't for the fact that I do nothing but walk across park all day, I would be fat. Fat fat fat. I mean really, who can resist the sweet smell of pizza-on-a-stick, turkey legs, greek cuisine, dill pickles, sno-cones, ice cream, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies... and sadly I could go on.
  • Each sneak-a-peak night, Nashville North is host to a 'secret band'. Tickets are sold and won and given away - all with the anticipation that someone spectacular will light up the stage. Well. This year? No, it's not Dave Matthews Band or Radiohead, Coldplay or Joseph Arthur - it's Tom Cochrane. Seriously? I'd ask for a refund.
  • I had my first $4.50 cookies n' cream waffle cone in Weadick Ville tonite. It was hella delicious. HELLA delicious. Fun fact: you can buy slurpees in Weadick Ville for $1, get fresh baked goods at the bakery, and cheapo ice cream at the Breyers Creamery. Now - try and find Weadick Ville...
  • If you are one of those ambitious people who are looking to venture into the event planning or decor industry - a word from the (sometimes) wise: ensure your decor is fire retardant. Make sure you have the certificate from the certified person who did it saying that it is indeed fire retardant before he kiboshes thousands of dollars worth of decor an hour prior to your event taking place.
  • Even though I'm not a lover of the 10-days of drunken partying - there is nothing better than the thought of drinking a glorious cold one in one of the dicey beer gardens. In fact, it is something that will keep you feeling alive while wandering around the sweltering tarmac.
  • You can only justify eating midway meals if you packed and ate a healthy lunch.

And last but definitely not least...

  • Never ever ever underestimate the power of being kind to those who work behind the scenes; you never know when you'll need 50 amps of power moved from one side of the concourse to the other, carnies to stop bothering you, a door unlocked or water turned on.

Happy Stampeding.

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Taylor Blue said...

All that hype for Tom Cochrane? Seriously? I was listening to all the hype about the secret band on the news all day...DAMN! Have fun working on the Stampede...I'm sure you'll see lots of hot cowboys!