Ooooh pancakes.

Something's up.

I can't stop thinking about these little fluffy pieces of goodness. When I was in Safeway today (attempting to buy groceries that resembled some sort of healthy factor... it's been a rough couple days...) I walked down the aisle that sold soda crackers, East Indian cuisine, spaghetti noodles and Mexican... oh - and pancake mix. Sadly I had to continue walking down the aisle and past aunt Jemima but only because I can't make them on anything I have... unless I flip the hood and cook them on the engine... but then that's just a bad idea.

I have been talking about purchasing a George Foreman Grill since the end of Stampede. The pancakes we had made on it during the last day were past delicious. Anyways, apparently the sweet smell and taste of pancakes is in the air - seems to be a hot topic lately. But for now, watch the Pancake Song.

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