A List of Sorts.

  1. Having a 2 day weekend kinda blows. I mean, it's great having days off at all - but when it's only 2 days... sigh. There are so many things I want to do in a weekend but then suddenly it's Sunday night and I'm back in bed, setting my alarm for 6:10 a.m. Boo.
  2. Going to Superstore today. Not sure what I'm more excited about: shopping for food or for Joe Fresh clothing. Seriously, this stuff is great. Where else can you get a cute pair of ballet flats for $3.54? Ok in reality I need groceries, in a bad way. I started my diet yesterday of no wheat, gluten and dairy - and a little over 24 hours later, I'm glad to say I'm doing well.
  3. The next couple of months are work are already shaping up to be brutal. I'm nervous as all hell to do some of the larger theme galas and auctions, etc. I would like to plan some sort of exotic vacation in some location which will blow my socks off. My plan right now? A weekend in Revelstoke... maybe maybe Tofino. Exotic eh?
  4. I'm really diggin' Rachael's notecards. Some of the cards of hers I would like to frame... but where to hang them...
  5. Still no donations for my SaveTanu page. Mind you, I haven't really been advertising it as much as I could be. It worked for Karyn... how do I make it work for me??
  6. I know I have a link for this site on the side of the site here, but I wanted to let you know about One D At A Time. She's quite crude, outrageous, darning and well, a slut; I love her to bits. Before you click on the link though - NSFW.
  7. The song I would like played at my funeral: In The Sun by Joseph Arthur and Michael Stipe. Tell me this song doesn't give you chills when you listen to it.

Happy day before the work-week!

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