When finally it's decided, enough is enough.

Back in the spring of '07, my doctor told me to lay off the gluten, wheat and dairy. At the time I was mortified, in fact I believe I began sobbing the minute I hit the elevator, but what happened after that was great.

I lost a schwack of weight. Mind you, dropping 40lbs in only a couple months definitely took a toll on my body as I was weak for a good chunk of each day.

I ate things that I was allowed to eat and never ever once cheated. People questioned how I didn't cheat: "simple", I would tell them. "I'll get exceptionally sick and quite frankly, I'm just not that into that anymore". And that was that.

Since the fall however, I have found myself cheating a little. I'd have a bit of the 'going-away' cake, make some hot chocolate, spoon of ice cream, slice of bread... until it finally caught up to me.

Christmas night when everyone is enjoying turkey with incredible stuffing and mashed potatoes, vegetables, wine and each others company - I wasn't. My lax attitude towards my rather complicated diet bit me hard.

And with that, 2008 approaches. I have only recently found things I enjoy cooking and even eating which I haven't ever enjoyed before (i.e. butternut squash, shrimp...). I'll start shopping local (nothing Made in China will grace my basket), and vegetables, fruit and meat will be as local as possible and breads will be kamut or rice. 2008 will be my year to be healthy, positive and fit. While I can't promise my Visa will be completely paid off, I'll definitely have made a dent. I'll try a hobby or 3 and maybe even get back into bouldering. I'll try something new, become a hobby floral designer and collect recipes from magazines and relatives.

I'll embrace 2008... I'm sure it will bring its ups and downs just as 2007 did.

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