Save Tanu.

We've had Tanu since she was just a little puppy. Cute, uncoordinated and a chewer, she quickly found her way into our lives. Since then, 10 years ago, she has been a source of happiness and love for our family.

As all dogs do, she's getting old and is developing some issues. She has recently been diagnosed with a tumor in her parathyroid and has a torn ligament in her knee. Although she's still happy and excited and extremely loving, you can see how the ailments are taking a toll on her body.

The vets have said she still has many many years in her, but only with a $4,000 operation which will save her. Our goal is to raise the $4,000 for her surgery and hopefully more. Any money over the $4,000 will be put towards other pets so they can have their life-saving surgeries.

I have started a website, ourdogtanu.blogspot.com and am taking donations via PayPal. If I manage to get 4,000 people to give me just $1, we can get the operation she needs.

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