Live Blogging: Palin on the stage, Megan geeking out.

8:10 - Guiliani is endorsing Palin... yet supports abortion rights and same sex civil unions. Um - Palin is totally against that...

8:11 - Oooh he's hitting Obama in the nads. Not a fan of the dirty politics. Fucker.

8:14 - When is he getting off the stage? Aren't the teleprompters saying "GET THE FUCK OFF THE STAGE NOW"

8:16 - Oooh they just panned in on Mrs McCain - and she's holding Bristol's, whoops, I mean Sarah's down syndrome kid. Dirty.

8:21 - Oh for fuck. Get off the stage.

8:22 - Eugh.

8:22 - Get. Off. The. Stage. NOW.

8:25 - Cute. Bristol's baby daddy is sitting beside her. Nice move... good PR...

8:27 - Uh the republicans can't be considered 'beacons'. Maybe 'missiles', 'mortors',...

8:29 - Ooh he's leaving the stage! This is good. The crowd sounds like it's booing. Ha. Oh no wait... they're 'oooohing'.

8:30 - And out comes Palin. She looks like a librarian. She might need a make-over if she gets in. Like - a big one. A sign just read "Hockey Moms for Palin". Uh... the Americans aren't hockey people... shouldn't it read something like "SOCCER MOMS for PALIN"... that might be more their thing. Or, tennis moms? How about gymnastics-moms?

8:31 - 6 thank you's thus far, 7... 8, 9,

8:32 - You would think she would wear blue, no?

8:33 - 10, 11... 12... 13... 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, fucking 20, SIT DOWN, 21, STOP CHANTING, 22, 23!!!

8:35 - Fuck. She accepted the nomination. Boo-urns.

8:36 - 24, 25,.. Who is she? This is ludicrous. So help me God if she utters a bad word towards Obama... I will throw a saltine cracker at her.


8:38 - Why are they so proud of McCain serving in the military? Hi. He was lazy and got caught and put in a P.O.W. camp. So like... c'mon. Find something else to gloat about.

8:39 - They are showing the baby daddy so much... you 'd think he was suppose to give a speech... Who names their kid Track? Ooh - she made reference to him leaving on Sept 11 to serve overseas. Dirty. Don't like that reference.

8:40 - Talking about the family... BRISTOL was highlighted... she's 17! Eugh. Aw Piper is cute (fun fact - mom's maiden name). Oh and thank the lord - you had a little boy 4 months ago. How sweet you're back to a size 2...

8:41 - Challenges, joys, challenging joys... highlighting the special needs kid. Goddamn she's going for the jugular. Yah - stand up. Oiy. These people are eating this up. She just promised to be the advocate for special needs children in the White House. Fuck. That was a good move.

8:42 - Moved on to the hubby... away from the knocked up hussy. Oh and he's a world champion snowmobile racer... good fucking god.

8:45 - "Hoosiers for the Hot Chick - McCain/Palin 2008" - are you kidding me? They make buttons like that?

8:46 - She's very pro-American doing everything, which is good. Not so much overseas stuff. Screw 'Made-In-China'.


8:47 - More Obama bashing. "This is a man who has offered 2 major memoirs but has never authored a single reform." Um - low blow hockey mom. You've been in politics for 2 years...

8:49 - She says "Obama has never used the word Victory in his campaign..." YOU DIDN'T WIN THE WAR IN IRAQ you fucking republicans...

8:50 - Oooh down puppy - what got her knickers in a knot suddenly? She's like a chia-hooa-hooa with a nasty pair of knickers in her ass. Yah - he (Obama) wants to reduce the 'ridiculous strength of America'? Duh - it means 'END MEANINGLESS WAR'. Double duh.

8:57 - If you could see how many crackers I'm throwing at the TV you'd think I was watching a hockey game. Although, I'm entranced by this ridiculousness.

8:58 - Calls out her sister, she's so great cuz she just built a gas-station. Awesome. Definitely she should get an award for that...

8:59 - Man I wish I had Tivo.

9:00 - She's mean. I'm liking her less and less. The American Presidency is not suppose to be an adventure of personal discovery. This world of threats of dangers, it doesn't just need an organizer - Obama and Biden are always fighting in talk - but she wants to face the beast head on - apparently because McCain has fired a gun overseas, he's the man for the gig. Are you f'ing kidding me?

9:04 - Republicans have a lot of bad ass bow-ties on. They ALL need a fashion update.

9:06 - Why does she bring up that he was POW? C'mon. Old news.

9:07 - Because his name is on war memorials around the country, and he came home, he is the guy to be the commander in chief for the WHOLE FUCKING WORLD. Really? Because no. Being in the war makes you angry, no? Tom Moe. Let's bring in ANOTHER POW.

9:08 - 28, 29, God Bless America, 30, 31... 32...

9:09 - That's it? She sure didn't sell herself very well. Hi, did you know your daughter is knocked up? High school drop-out? Baby daddy doesn't actually want kids? Yah - kinda crucial, no?

9:10 - 33, 34, 35, 36, 37... now the whole family - baby daddy and all - are on the stage waving their little grins. He got pretty famous over night, eh?

9:11 - Perfect timing. McCain walks onto the stage. Is it just me or are his arms really short? He looks kinda funny. Obama is hotter.

9:12 - John Rich? Gretchen Wilson? Playing next? Shut the front door. They are both coming off my iPod playlist IMMEDIATELY. I wonder if Bristol was told to hold baby-daddy's hand no matter what. They are clenching, those two!

Lost track of how many jabs she had towards Obama. It was mean - not a fan of those dirty politics.

9:20 - Rich wrote a song called "Raisin McCain" in his support for McCain. Raisin? Kidding me?

I need a drink.

Note - 21 days til the first VP debate - Up against Biden and Palin... ooooh that will be a definite night on the couch. She knew how to attack (hence the Sarah-Barracuda title from High School) but does she know how to lead? She's up against Biden, a man who has been in politics since dirt - he has a considerable amount more experience than she does.

Let the games begin; point, set, match.

Note note - best part of the show?

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