Just a little story.

So I'm snug as a bug in a rug and I'm enjoying my zzzz's. Alas, it's time to wake up so I begin the motions. You know, your mind starts going, you suddenly feel the hair that has been in your mouth all night and your neck gets a sharp pain as you realize you've just been sleeping on 3 large pillows.

Suddenly something doesn't feel right.

A. It's pitch black. I'm definitely not in my bedroom.
B. The pillows feel different, it's definitely not my bed.
C. There is someone nuzzled up behind me, head resting by my head - spooning me.

Panic sets in.

What did I do last night? Did I get drunk? What did I drink? Who did I drink it with? Where is the nearest exit? Where are my clothes? What have I done with my car keys? Did I even drive here? Did something happen? Shit. What time does the pharmacy open?

I slowly move my hand up around my head to feel the head behind me. Just as I put my hand down, I feel an a furry head. Definitely not a random man.

No. In fact it was just my dog, Tanu, coming in for a cuddle. What can I say... I don't often puppysit in my parents house. Being confused just happens I guess.

I need to stop drinking before I go to bed apparently.

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