Moved in... sort of.

Only moms know where to find the dirt. She was showing me how to do 'hospital corners' on the bed, where to scrub on the baseboards, why it's important to pull off the fan in the bathroom to clean. She was intense. But, she also cleaned this place like I'm sure it's nevery been cleaned before. And for that, I'm extremely grateful. Dad came shortly thereafter and reached the places the two of us couldn't. What would I do without a 6'7 dad?

Yesterday was the official move in. Moved all my stuff here (minus a couple small things) and today was the setup day. I've got a couple things done. The bed is done, the bookshelf is up (almost done), the kitchen is ready (more or less) and the bathroom is ready to be showered in.

A couple more things need to be sorted and put away and then, it will be home sweet home. Sigh. Who knew moving took so much out of you?

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michael morrison said...

it looks like it will be great! Congrats! Now get a Wii and I'll come visit.