Me and my apartment (or, for those people who need a gramatically correct title - My apartment and I).

Tonite I came home to an empty apartment.

I knew it would be empty. I knew I turned the heat off and closed the windows therefore fully expecting a chilly apartment. I expected the fan in the fridge to be running and the heater to make it's little noises every so often. I expected to be alone but I found it surprising that I was.

After a bit of unpacking from my weekend away, I found a pizza in the freezer and my new couch, both waiting to be enjoyed. Still though, it was quiet and a little lonely.

I knew that this little place I'm calling home will be a change from what I've just left, but the new found quietness might take a little longer. I wish I could even count on my neighbours for some random noise but alas, the walls are so thick (and don't forget, made of concrete) that I can't even hear them going at it.

I will admit though, I love it. I have found quite the little gem I think. I've arranged the furniture the way I want to, the pictures I want up are hanging, the bed is made and the bathroom is clean. I guess I didn't realize how much I enjoyed a clean place I guess. And to boot, I've finally put my 'Edie-Chair' to use.

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