Trying to figure out what I consumed before bed that made my dreams so f*cked up.


All of a sudden there is this war that has broken out and I'm for whatever in the middle east. There are bombs going off, people screaming and running, and it's all out war. I'm hiding in this A-frame house with a plethora of other people, some who I work with and some who I've never seen before in my life. One coworker I noticed was randomly pregnant - 11 months pregnant and over the course of my dream, her belly was the size of a hot air balloon. And then, I'm randomly in a convertible with Sarah Jessica Parker and we're going to her house. Once inside, she takes me to her bedroom to show me around and as I'm standing at the door, she screams "I saw something by that door" and I turned around only to find the Grim Reaper flying down the hallway and right through me. SJP and I bust a move out of the house and back into the car. I look around back at the house and realize it's only a bungalow but inside the house - it was a castle. We then drive through a school yard, past school kids, at mach speed only to find myself back at the A-frame house with a remote control in my hand, having been advised that the remote control operates the bomb detonator that is traveling in circles below my feet.

Then the alarm went off.

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