Ok so I put up a schwack of stuff on Kijiji the other day and was stunned to see how interested people were in my stuff. I mean - who doesn't want a wicked kickass kitchen table, a TV or a bunch of purses. C'mon!

So I was totally thrilled to find that all my stuff was essentially sold within hours of it being on the website. After sifting through the ridiculous number of emails I received, I found myself giving people who had proper spelling, grammar and punctuation the upper hand when it came to selling them my goods.

Examples of responses I received:


And that was the only thing in the email. Thanks for coming out... moving on...

hi there,
may i buy this from you.
thanks den address?
time best 4 u?

Are you f'ing kidding me?? Next!

I wont to buy this table, I can came in saturday and pick up.

Ahh! No.

Am I being too picky? I mean - is it so hard to simply say "Hi, I'm interested in your fabulous table - is it still available? If so, please let me know if I am able to pick it up! Thank you!"

Yes, apparently it is. And with that, I still own all my stuff still but have a couple very interested buyers. A couple who said they would get it today (but then changed their mind and said they would take it ONLY if I delivered... Alistair does not deliver tables and chairs thank you very much). Sigh.


Mike's Bloggity Blog said...

I get the weirdest replies when I troll kajiji and craigslist for casual sex too!!

Lindsay Zerbin said...

If you decide to list on Kijiji again, it might be fun to write in your ad a warning that priority will be given to literate responses. Just a thought... :)