Just a little light reading...

Each day I wake up and wish I could spend the whole day reading. It's an odd thing for me to want to do (just ask my dad who for years would encourage me to read something, anything). In the past couple years I've picked up a few books and have loved them. However, lately, I've stopped reading books and have since then picked up more online reading than actual paperbacks.

For example - I can't go a day without scouring through The Huffington Post. Ask me about the ridiculous corporate bailouts or the new President, who layed off 15,000 people last week or what McCain's stimulus plan is...

I read Macleans magazine over People, The Economist over The Star, Real Simple over the National Enquirer. Aren't you proud dad? I'm reading now!

Anyways, currently on the go:

Eat Pray Love - Elizabeth Gilbert
The Audacity of Hope - Barack Obama
The Historian - Elizabeth Kostova
Things I learned about my Dad... in therapy - Heather Armstrong

Jen Lancaster comes out with her 4th autobiography in a couple months and Heather Armstrong comes out with her epic shortly before that. Should be some good summer reading ahead for me.

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