When I use it, I pretend Brad Pitt made it just for me.

Mom and I find a parking spot in Knob Hill in Portland and as I throw ol' Al into park, I look over my shoulder and who is staring right at me? That's right - Brad Pitt. Ok, well maybe it was him just kinda looking my direction... from the picture of him on the window... whatever.

Anyways - busted a move into Kiehls and was immediately drawn in by their wonderfully robust smells. Step aside Bath and Body Works - Kiehls smells way better.

Picked up a bottle of the body cleansing lotion (which, by the way is totally 100% biodegradable and Mr. Brad Pitt himself a hand in creating it).

And now, each morning when I have a shower and use the body cleansing lotion I like to pretend that it's actually Brad washing my back... not my loofah.

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