That is, if I ever get out of bed...

My plan is to stay in bed until oh uh noon on Sunday but I guess I should probably do something quasi-productive.

After seeing Cirque du Soliel, again, (which by the way - is better the second time... there is sooo much I missed the first time!) I have decided I am fat and lazy and need to learn how to swing from a chandelier. So, mission 1 on Saturday morning - buy chandelier. Mission 2? Install in my apartment. Mission 3? Rethink mission 1 and 2.

Maybe do some dishes or hang up everything that has somehow been puked out from my closet. Catch up on my multitude of magazine subscriptions (as I swear to God there still issues from March of Maclean's that I have yet to read...), learn the words to my new favourite song (Johnny Reid - Darlin') and learn to dance like the hussies in the video. That's right kids, I have a huge weekend ahead of me.

Happy rainy weekend.

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