What to do while on vacation in beautiful Revelstoke, BC.

  1. Make a tee time at the Revelstoke Golf Course. Our 9:44 a.m. tee time included a couple things. It included a golf cart, (which included space for our massively large purses, 2 coffees, golf bags chalk-full of clubs) and a partner by the name of Tom.

    Now, Tom is a manager at Bucars RV. Sure, Tom. The entire time we played he would harass Karen (as he clearly knew I wasn't good enough to give advice to) and say crap like 'try your iron instead of your wood, try your wood instead of your iron'. Now, Karen might have taken advice from him if he didn't shoot all his balls into the trees.

    My inner dialogue went something like this: "Megan, you suck. You're not good enough to hit the tree which is dead in front of you". And you know what? It totally worked. I didn't hit a single tree. That's right PGA, watch out!

  2. Take a girlfriend with you who is good at absolutely everything - not to mention a total party. And I mean everything. Need a wrench? She's got one in her purse. Need to re shingle a roof? Handy that, she knows how to do that too! Need to get drunk with someone? Good gracious she's good at that too! Fan-freakin-tastic! Not only is she good at everything, but she is a heckuva good time too.

  3. Ensure the fridge is fully stocked with all the essentials. All you need is Mojitos and Coolers... after that? Everything is just extra. After our stellar golf game, we headed straight for the local liquor store. After scouring each aisle we asked the pretty trailer park chick behind the counter for some assistance. She soon told us that "heck ya'll, we don't carry that here! Cheers carries that stuff!" Yes, she gave us the 'heck ya'll'. Thanks, Britney.

    We headed to Cheers only to find the last 2 bottles of Smirnoff Mojito and sweet baby Jesus - we bought it as fast as we could possibly swipe our debit cards and we were on our way home to refrigerate it. In the meantime? Karen set out to the deck for some r n' r on the couch with her popcorn book and I was out to the yard to catch some of that golden sunlight and read my umpteen dozen magazines I brought out.

  4. Hike to Miller and / or Eva Lake. Ok this was a good idea but it turned into a total bust. See, as you header up Mount Revelstoke, you need to stop at the good ol' park entrance and pay for your travels up the hill. Before I could even throw my $19.48 at her, she says "Sorry, grizzly mama and her grizzly babies are walking around. We're trying to tag them so - sorry." Sure you're sorry. And I even had my flat tire fixed for the venture up the hill. Le sigh. Turn around and did a little sightseeing... for Karen of course. Saw things like... super hot maybe Priest who was sitting outside St. Peters Church asking if we were looking for a meeting. Um, meeting with you? (snicker...) Then headed to see the new super awesome wicked cool ski hill and to find out where the heck the brand new 18-hole course is being built.

    Oh, did I mention? Mr. Nick Faldo was playing in front of us on the course. Tom pointed him out by saying "See that guy in the white shirt and tacky (Karen will argue he said khaki, not tacky) shorts? That's Nick Faldo". Karen and I both scratched out heads and mosied on. Who knew that this guy was actually something else. He's like this big time PGA british player who's kind of a big deal. What's even a bigger deal? He's designing his first ever golf course in western Canada and in the quaint little town of Revelstoke, BC.

  5. Support the local economy and you know, spend! I had to support the local snow and skate shop, Society Snow and Skate - the guys in there are super stellar. They have managed to keep the first real skate shop truly alive in Revelstoke. And they carry a huge selection of Lifetime Clothing which is one of my fave casual brands. And then of course had to buy Karen some new shoes and a couple grilled cheese sandwiches from the Modern Bakery. And then there was the piece-de-resistance, Woolsey Creek. Le sigh... We shared a delicious bottle of red wine (Winds of Change, Pinotage Shiraz from South Africa), had an even more delicious dinner, enjoyed some gluten-free chocolate mousse (mmMMmMmm) and the glorious outdoors.... until the mosquitos became a little too pesky.

    Karen even mentioned to me "I had no idea there was a town behind the A&W, MacDonalds and PetroCanada". Well, looks like I have opened the eyes of another person to this wonderful town.

  6. Find some friends who will take you to The Regent Inn where you can dance like you're not from there. Um, in all my years of going to Revelstoke, I had never once been to The Regent for anything else than lunch, once. I have 2 friends who live and work in Revelstoke and who opened my eyes to this little nightclub. In fact, I have officially had my beer cherry popped: I drank an entire bottle of Budweiser. Egad... thank God for the JagerBombs that washed the yeasty taste down. *shudder*

  7. Other things you can do? Do a puzzle in your bathing suit in the yard while drinking coolers. Chase a spider the size of a Ribeye steak around the kitchen until finally catching it and putting it under a glass where you can tap on it and torture it and leave it for your dad to kill when he arrives days later... or you can lift up the glass and kill it on the brand new carpet with my favourite flip-flops. Take a gander at the ol' Farmers Market held on Saturdays, and only Saturdays. Scream like a banshee on the golf course because a bug the size of a golf bag is climbing up your leg only to literally turn it's neck so it's looking at you - mocking you - as you jump out of a moving golf cart and onto the green as your male partner beats the snot out of it with his club. Or, just simply enjoy the delicious crisp 35-degree mountain air.

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