Never a dull moment.

So I'm walking back to my car this morning after getting my usual (personal-grande-5-shot-sugarfree-vanilla-lactaid-light-foam-caramel-macchiato) when a random hobo asks me for some change. I reply, "Sorry".

Just last week when I was asked for money for a beer, ahem, a cup of coffee - I bought the dude a short dark. See, I'm a nice person!

This morning though, after I said 'sorry' bum unleashes his fury and begins flicking coins at my car. Coins. At. Alistair.

Mofo, if you're looking for change, throwing it at my car isn't going to help your situation.

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SDC said...

I was walking down the street earlier this summer when I was approaching a panhandler. As I drew nearer, I reached into my pockets in anticipation of the spare change request. Around the same time my hand was revealing itself from my pocket with a few nickels and/or dimes, the panhandler said, "Excuse me sir, could you spare $5000?"
Taken a back, and a little amused, my hand returned to my pocket with the change, and I replied laughingly with something to the tune of, "dude, if you get someone to give you that, I'll be asking you for money." I needed that change for the parking meter anyways.
True story.