And in case you're curious, her favourite meal is Moose Stew.

I'm considering McCain's random choice for VP as underhanded, selfish and ridiculous. Sarah Palin? Give. Me. A. Break.

Who is this woman? I a nutshell: mom of 5, pro-life, former point guard for her high school team, hockey mom, only been in major politics for less than 2 years, lifetime member of the NRA, major hunter, loves fur, UNDER INVESTIGATION for getting involved in office politics regarding her brother-in-law, son in the army and on his way to Iraq next month, former hometown beauty queen, journalism major, PRO GUN, ANTI-ABORTION and uh... that's it.

Personally, not a good choice. She is so new to politics that she's still wet from the delivery. For McCain to give her the opportunity to pull the nuclear switch (in the ultimate event he keels over... which is possible... cancer 4 times and is older than dirt).

Quite the quintessential pick but then again, McCain is all about that. He needs to look good by someone else as he clearly can't do it on his own.

I understand I don't get to vote but how can you not be totally immersed in the American political system? It's a helluva lot more interesting than Canadian elections... (btw - heading to the polls on Oct 14).

And uh, PS - she looks like she a naughty school teacher or librarian, eh?

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