Dear thugs.

Also on the Calgary Herald Q.

We get it: you don't get along and you don't want to get along. You want to be in charge and show everyone that you are in charge. However, your personal grudges and desire to control the entire cocaine business is getting a little out of hand. Your petty war is apparently more important than the 1 million innocent citizens who call Calgary their home. What I am failing to comprehend though is why you believe this little town of ours is your open battleground.

This is Calgary. Home of the world-famous 10-day Calgary Stampede, the very humble Folk Music Festival, the ever so popular Lilac Festival and the lazy afternoons in a raft on the Elbow River. This city is not home of Hollywood-style gangsters and open gun battles on our quiet streets.

However, when the bullets fly a little too close to home, it's time to take action. The latest act of cowardness was on a very public street on a very bright and sunny afternoon right before rush-hour.

In fact, your most recent clash happened only a couple blocks from where I kick off my shoes at night and call home. I walked home the other night only to find cops manning the corners and the streets lined in yellow tape.

The police pressure is on and be rest assured this is not a headline that will leave the front of minds of Calgarians soon. We are frustrated and irritated that at any time we could be caught in the crossfire.

If you want to be a contributing member to society and work hard, that's fantastic. Calgary is a very welcoming city but when it comes to this - we would kindly ask you to pack your luggage, take your personal grudges and your lucrative cocaine business, and leave town.

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