Calgary Stampede: Only day 5??

Today is the half mark. Wow. This is one heckuva party.

Things I know:
  • I am bloody tired. I don't know how people do this. The staff that work on park are seriously incredible. You know everyone is just exhausted yet you don't hear anyone complain. You just feel their pain.
  • The perogy dinner being served in The Range is actually pretty good. Nothing like mom's...
  • I don't know if you saw the rodeo yesterday afternoon but wow - the poor bull rider who got bucked off and pounded on, still not sure how he is. When the screen goes blank and the announcer says "not everyone walks away from this one..." - it's not such a great deal. These guys are seriously incredible. I mean - the dudes who ride these super pissed off bulls don't complain - they get back on and deal with it.
  • I have the Premier coming to one of my events today. Giddy. Up.
  • I have events all over park today... I don't know where though. This is the problem with too many things going on - too many things get confused.


  • Have I mentioned I'm tired? Don't tell anyone I work with though... we're all keeping it on the down low.

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