Calgary Stampede: Day 5 1/2

Things I learned thus far:
  • When you hear a moo'ing cow - yes, it is real and beware - it is most likely 2ft behind you.
  • Concrete is not forgiving.
  • Don't jump in puddles when traveling through barns; it's most likely not water.
  • Western Heritage Day means "Attention: Old People Day"
  • If you want a recap of the rodeo, check it out on Shaw TV in the morning. Yes, when the sun is just coming up.
  • Mini donkeys are really cute.
  • Midway food gets really gross, really quickly.
  • If you already feel nauseous, do not and I repeat DO NOT walk past the grease bins.
  • Tips: if you're walking around the grounds all day, changing socks at least 3 times is a really good idea. Even better idea? Get a golf cart.

And the most important tip of them all?

  • Sleep. Sleep is really important.

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