I watched an hour and a half worth of infomercials last night and you know what? They won.

I decided since my skin believes I'm a 13 year old who is going through puberty, I once again need to figure something out regarding how to have flawless skin. Was on ProActiv for a bit and I seriously thought my skin was burning off my face (read the ingredients label and you'll find windshield washer fluid in it). In fact, it made my skin worse.Then it was Garnier Pure. Cute. Worked on the Coast - but - my skin completely clears up when I'm on the Coast. Maybe someone needs to bottle salty sea air and sell it...

Anyways, this infomercial, which I have seen a couple times before, intrigued me.

It's called Murad and the face stuff is super pricey if you buy it individually from the stores. Like, hella pricey. Like, I would need to decide between car payments and skin care pricey. But because they are so wonderful and "sincerely" want to help out all the people with shit skin, they have a cute little package which is cheaper and apparently gets the job done. So, for the low price of $36 I am their newest guinea pig.

If this doesn't work, I don't know what will.

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