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So apparently Alberta isn't actually ready for a change. From the dismal election results, it looks like Alberta is happy with the same ol' same ol'. The same government, the same ideas, the same people, the same everything. It's 2008, if Alberta isn't ready for a change now, I fear they may never be.

As soon as I marked the "x" on the ballot, I knew right away my vote wasn't going to count. I may as well have put a smiley face in the circle instead. That's about how much my vote counted in the grand scheme of things.

I guess with only 41% of eligible 2.5 million voters actually voting – that's 4 out of 10 people – it doesn't say much about those who have a chance to make a difference. We are given an opportunity to exercise our right to vote and only 40% of eligible voters show up? Are you kidding me? New episodes of our favorite shows aren't on until April – so, what's the excuse?

Is it because people have to physically go to a polling station to cast their vote? If that's all it is – we need to look at some sort of online voting system. Is it because Election Day is on a workday instead of a Saturday? I know the last thing I want to do after my 8 hour work day is to find the polling station only to stand in line and cast my vote… but I still did it.

Simply put, it's embarrassing. In a country that allows us to exercise our democratic right, Monday nights results were disgusting.

Nicely done Alberta. I hope you can still sleep at night.

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