Things that make my parts tingle.

4. My triple-venti-sugarfree-vanilla-lactaid-light foam-caramel macciato from Starbucks. Sure, it packs about 1200 calories and the fact that I order a mound of caramel to sit ontop of the light foam while I have asked for it to be sugarfree vanilla makes it a little ridiculous - but - it is hella tight.

While we were in Squamish, we of course went to Starbucks. I was expecting a good week without Starbucks (which might have been better on my wallet...) but alas, the eveil-empire has popped up in even the most remote places. After ordering my bevvie, I was alerted to a bottle of caramel which was for sale for only $5.99. Jigga wha?? Without a doubt, it was purchased and now I am able to make my own drinks in the morning with my handy-dandy Barista. It also saves me $13.58 per moring (when you include things like... 2 coffees, and 2 pasteries...)

Anyways... if you're in the mood for some caramel... I have lots to share.

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