Things that bother me.

  1. Car Insurance Companies. I understand they have a job to do, you know, like protect me from stuff, but seriously. They have the right to make up a date as to when a double payment is to come out of my bank account - without any more than 2 days notice... and before Christmas. Seriously? Yah don't think so.
  2. People who not replace toilet paper but instead leave the roll on the counter for someone else to replace. C'mon... it's not that hard.
  3. Family Guy. It's not that funny. Or... maybe it's me?
  4. Starbucks baristas who give me a stupid look when I call my drink... and properly at that. I went through a week, yes, a full week of training on how to call a Starbucks drink properly. It's size first, (unless it's a double tall drink and then it's "double tall blah blah blah"), decaf (if it's not decaf, forget this box), number of shots (if it's a single in a grande cup, you have to indicate that, if it's just a single in a tall cup, don't mention it), syrup (if it's different than what the drink already has in it: ex. vanilla latte), milk choice (if it's different than 2% (if it's skim, say nonfat), then custom (lite whip, no whip, lite foam, extra foam, long shot, in a clam shell, etc.) and then what the drink name actually is (ex. latte, mocha, etc.). In the end it will sound beautiful and professional like this: venti sugarfree vanilla lactaid lite foam caramel macchiato.
  5. The fact that I get sick eating something when everyone else is fine.
  6. People who cheat.
  7. Feeling emotional and moody but being afraid to be called bitchy or pissy therefore trying to hide it, which only makes it worse.
  8. How much Christmas presents cost but how much it concerns me to not look cheap or not get everything someone has on their list.

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