Homosocial Bonding.

In high school, and even to this day, I was one of those girls who said, "I have more guy friends because I just don't get along with girls; they're too impossible and catty". In other words: I was cute and geeky and the boys loved it. However, the girls never liked me because the guys got along with me better than them. I would roll my eyes at the girls with their hair issues while the guys did the same thing.

I had a solid-bff but as we grew older, life kinda got in the way. I'd have a headache, she'd have homework. I'd have work, she'd have a concert with a new bf. I'd have a deadline, she'd have free-time. Then, she'd be married and I'd be the last person she thought about. We'd feel too lame, too tired, fat, bored or lifeless ah to do anything. So, we wouldn't. And that was the end of that.

After you reach the age of 20, girls become more competitive with each other and in more ways than one. Fighting over the attention of the opposite sex, the last pair of must-have shoes, for the ideal job or for the hot waiter.

Then now, I've realized that a girl without female friends is missing out on too much. Not many chick-flick movie nights, unless it's with me, myself and I. Not many shopping companions because which guy can seriously handle a walk-through of the 3-storey Holt Renfrew? I miss the 3-hour dinners where we would drink our girly-slushy bevvies and talk about saving the world if we had to. The Brad Pitt a-thons where we would literally watch all his movies, back to back, until the sun came up - or our parents knocked on our door telling us to go to sleep.

Sure, I can make a new guy friend quicker than I can say an idiotic "my brain just fell out of my head" comment, but what I'm really looking for is a girl-friend. One who can be frou-frou with me, eat chocolate covered whatevers with me when Aunt-Flow is visiting us, sympathize when we have a roll hanging off the top of our pants, when we have Mount St. Helens growing on our forehead or need a good cry that only each other will understand the reason for.

Female friends are important, but unfortunately hard to come by. Until then, Brad Pitt-a-thons are on hold and bottles of red wine will be drank soley by me.

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